Professionality, skills and aptitude for the development of new solutions, are the main guidelines that animate our company business since 1995.

With passion and commitment Luigino Ciucci and Dilva Stacchiotti started what today presents itself as a dynamic artisan reality, specialized in the working of iron, steel and all metals in general.

Love for work and future business vision are the distinctive features of Metallia: in order to protect business continuity and ensure a longlasting development of the company, the two owners have introduced their two sons , Stefano and Federica, within the productive context, thus helping to create a synergistic and innovative entrepreneurial tandem, in which the children's ideas are supported and integrated by the parents' experience.

Located in Passo del Bidollo, near Corridonia, Metallia covers an area of 2600 square meters and boasts the presence of 20 employees, including office workers, technicians and highly specialized craftsmen, whose work activity is assisted by the aid of technologically advanced machinery and teh latest generation software systems.

The company makes the most modern metalworking techniques available to its customers, placing its focus on the development of ad hoc solutions for each project and providing a 360-degree service that goes from the design and development of the initial prototype to the executive of supplies.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, Metallia has constantly developed an incremental process of diversification and expansion of its customers and production range. From a simple manufacturer of tables and extension systems, over the years a fruitful experience has been gained in the production of accessories for shop and exhibition spaces and in the creation of interior furnishings for the most important brands in the Luxury market, developing very good collaborations also with Italian and international architects and designers.

In recent years, it also have been added the contract furnishing market, making several projects for the furnishing of luxury hotels and suites for cruise ships and yachts. From standard items to bespoke projects, we pay the same care and attention to all the aspects that make up our productions, with the main objective of satisfying the aesthetic-functional needs of all our customers in the best possible way.